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Pronounced puh-eh-eye-nuh, it means archipelago in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi.

The Hawaiian archipelago is our area of dedication, operation and expertise.

Our home is full of possibilities and stories waiting to be told.

Let us tell your story.

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Some may say that Hawai‘i is much more than what meets the eye. While Hawai‘i certainly has many faces, it isn’t just what can be seen, but it’s what captures the heart and the spirit that makes the place so special and will ultimately change the way you do business here.


Hawai‘i’s location in the middle of the Pacific has made it an outpost of cultural and ethnic cross-pollination. Its relative isolation provides fertile grounds for new ideas and concepts to flourish. It is in this setting that an endless number of unexplored opportunities become fruitful, perennial realities. We at Pae ‘Āina Communications are well aware of these possibilities, and we have therefore made it our duty to guide clients along their paths of discovery. We are here to be your storyteller, your liaison, and your peacemaker. We are here to show you our Hawai‘i.


Each island has its own heartbeat and moves at its own pace. Business strategies differ greatly from community to community and certainly from island to island. We understand the subtle shifts and shades and have been exceptionally successful at providing germane advice on doing business throughout all areas of the state.


About Our Logo

Pae ʻĀina Communications' logo was created by Hawaiʻi-based artist Koloikeao Anthony

The middle row of triangles comprise a representation of the eight main islands of Hawaiʻi, forming the pae ʻāina or archipelago. These islands are our area of operation, dedication and expertise. 

The two bowls that guard the eight islands are representing, ʻapu, hoaka or piko. An ʻapu is a coconut cup, often used to share ʻawa, a ceremonial drink used for divine protection and guidance and sharing ideas and knowledge.  A hoaka is a number of things, a moon phase, it also represents brightness, shine, daylight - a reminder to the duality of our work. And a piko refers to the center - in all we do we are centered by these islands, its culture and our want to leave this place a better one for future generations.


Our Work

Pae ‘Āina Communications provides a full-range of innovative communications services tailored to our clients’ needs, with special emphasis on: integrated strategic planning, media relations, community relations, government relations, crisis management, public affairs/education, and special events planning geared towards specific message targets and cultural groups.


These services are executed through a responsive, energetic, and hands-on approach guided by timely and frequent consultations with our clients. The resulting work environment is a collaborative effort anchored in harmony and loyalty.

Public Relations

  • Strategic Planning

  • Media Relations

  • Community Relations

  • Ethnic & Cultural Relations

  • Media and Presentation Training

Public Affairs & Government Relations

  • Government Relations

  • Government Representation & Advocacy

  • Public Affairs Training

Consultation, Development & Management Services

  • Copy and Speech Writing

  • Crisis Management

  • Corporate Communications

  • Image, Issues & Product Management

  • Message Development

  • Brochure Development

  • Website Content Development


Our Clients

Some of the clients we have had the honor and pleasure to work with over the last 18 years.

For nearly 20 years, Pae ʻĀina Communications has had the honor to be a part of our clients' solutions. From Asia to New York City we use our ability to harness global perspectives to craft meaningful solutions for any client anywhere. 

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